Welcome. I’m Sanne. I’m a passionate opportunist, I care about Earth and the people that live in it. I have conquered many mountains in my lifetime but still have more to go.

I started this website as a blog for my experience living in Mongolia as a Peace Corps volunteer. Would do it again, if I had the stamina.

I got my start in journalism at UC Irvine where I studied Literary Journalism and developed my craft and passion for long-form journalism and nonfiction writing. However, my love of words came long before. I have been putting words together to create impactful sentences for years, whether it be through poetry, short stories, or flash fiction prose. Simply put, I love to write.

At the San Francisco Public Press, I collaborated with other reporters and editors to produce an award-winning issue on racial segregation in San Francisco. I have also reported on homelessness, mental health care and public policy.

As of now (2019), I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I find solace in the sounds of chirping cicadas and coqui frogs. After living in remote Western Mongolia for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer, teaching life skills and starting the Special Olympics in the tiny town of Uliastai, I needed to thaw out. I moved to work for Pacific Quest, a wilderness therapeutic treatment center for troubled teens. I have been working there for two years, while also taking a break in between to hike the entirety of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. These days, I write poetry together with teens in gardens, practice yoga, and splash in the ocean in Hilo, Hawaii.


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